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Tuesday, 03 July 2007 13:40
It's officially official! A Dog's Breakfast" - the puppy we've all be hard at work screening, marketing and promoting, not to mention turning into an Internet sensation, is out of the pound and bounding around online!

A Dog's Breakfast is now available for downloading from either Amazon Unbox or Apple's iTunes. This is one of the first times that I'm aware of that a feature film has been exclusively premiered on the Web (except, of course you lucky few who saw one of our sneaky screenings!) before it’s been made available on DVD (which you can Pre-order from Amazon of course!). Not sure if you can tell or not, but we’re really excited about all this!

Since we're a Mac house here, we're out of luck on the unbox, but Jane and I were sent our own copies of “A Dog’s Breakfast” from Glen at iTune movies… which is just about the best way to start to the day! Thanks for that Glen! The film downloads in about 25 minutes (cable modem) and it looks amazing! There's also a much higher quality version of the trailer on the A Dog's Breakfast iTunes movie page which is sweet indeed! Keep in mind that you don't have to have a video iPod to see this fact I actually prefer just to watch my iTunes downloads on the computer.

Oh we’re such International Puppies!

We are on track for an international release (Yay!) in the first quarter of 2008 (now I sound like a movie studio!). I’m sorry that we’ve got nothing else available for you until then, but just know that we’re working on it, it’s on the books and it’s going to happen!

The 3 R’s – Rate, Review & Recommend

Marketing time little squirrels! Firstly PLEASE let everyone, you know, know about the film and how they can get it! We also need to make sure that A Dog’s Breakfast gets Rated, Reviewed and Recommended (billions of times, no less) anywhere it can be on the web. PLEASE make iTunes, and a priority as this will really help getting the word out!

The ADB Film Club?

Jane and I are contemplating some kind of an Internet simulcast of A Dog’s Breakfast. We’ll have to set a date and a time, and we’ll makes sure you’ll have plenty of time to download and watch the movie beforehand. That way you’ll have been able to get your questions and comments ready for the “iScreening”. At the appointed time (now I sound like a bible!) we’ll all start playing the movie together and chatting about it online. Not sure what the best way logistically to do this is…perhaps Twitter? We’ll need to work out the details, but I think this would be a great way of sharing the “A Dog’s Breakfast” experience with family and friends online. That and all you forward thinking web-puppies that download and watch the movie get rewarded for your geeky ways…sound like fun? We’ll keep you posted!

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